Some words for the media sites.

Ever since the China air scandal happened - and this so called cyber war got started - There has been way too much emphasis on Chinas threat to attack our countries servers. Why is it everyone is focusing on that instead of the fact that poisonb0x - hackweiser - and myself have cracked nearly 300 of Chinas sites. Not to mention all the ones that were comprimised not running sites.

There have been a few sites like and that have reported on how badly Chinas servers were getting taken over - but the moajority of the news sites like CNN and what not want to focus on Chinas threats. Hell people - weve acted on ours - and quite convincingly I might add. Im not after praise - I just think the US should get the credit it deserves for stepping up to this threat - and responding so well.

Ive said before that I really dont hate China the country or Chinese people - but this whole thing with their crackers declaring war kind of aggrivated me into kind if saying - oh yeh? Call it pride. For all of you that email me and all of you that deface - I encourage you to do what you can to respond to Chinas threats on us. Scan servers and share results - own sites yourself - share vuln - share code - whatever. It doesnt have to be bad only - Scan our servers and report vuln you find to our adminds and help them prepare. Its almost May 1 so I guess we will see who comes out ahead in this little game were calling a cyber war. - pr0phet