Statistics of the day...

How's that for odds?!
Yep it's me again from hackweiser and i'm here to spread a little bit of that good ol' Asian Domintation around to your communistic government!
We have heard reports that you guys are planning a strategic militant style strike on cyber grounds during the week of may 1-7.
Well let me tell ya' one thing china...don't even try to play us at this game! This is what we do day in and day out and this is what we do the best. There is no way you can win with people hitting your .gov's like it's fucking childs' play!
We are taking no prisoners and this is strategic guerilla warfare...hackweiser style!
You think it's been bad?!
Just wait until later tonight *wink*
See ya' in a couple hours china, your government's systems will fall at the hands of hackweiser and family. Just kill yourselves now and get it over with.


Just give the fucking plane back and no one gets hurts, kthnx.