acidk|own accidentally crashed into anotha chinese gov site.....
Today's victim is.....

dis site is mina, html designuh, tryna stick a dick in the china vagina.

You fucking communist bastards. listen to me. you fuck with usa and i normally wouldn't care. but when you start harrassing innocent ppl and pretend as if you have some authority, you are wrong. in china, if i said "fuck you" on the streets i would get my pen0r chopped off. but this is the fucking u.s. of mother fucking A**** and we are the people by the people for the people. we aren't some fucking king by the king for the king bullshit. fuck all of you ppl. and god bless all the ppl over there that one to become free and persue a life in a country with more freedom. acidk|own owns the chinese gov. if you bastards want to start some shit, then lets start it. usa will own you with one push of a button, especially with a redneck fingerhappy new president. :)

i believe everyone should help me fight this war by supporting your local klownz and killing and stabbing every person who thinks that the ppl in china should be enslaved and suffer poverty because some chinese gink beefaroni eggroll sucking two-bit pokem0n faglet whore is controlling everything ppl in the city do (EVEN SEX) join me and deface a Chinese website in the name of the klown :)

acidklown == hAx0rw33zer member now.


much love to:
jak and all my other gimped friends :)