acidk|own sh0ots anotha l04d.....
Today's victim is.....

dis site is mina, html designuh, tryna stick a dick in the china vagina.

We give you McDonald's. We give you AOL. We give you Fords (HEH). We give you Microsoft Winbloze. So, now that we've set you up with shitty merchandise, we can own you 0h-s0-eazily...........unf unf.

i believe everyone should help me fight this war by supporting your local klownz and killing and stabbing every person who thinks that the ppl in china should be enslaved and suffer poverty because some chinese gink beefaroni eggroll sucking two-bit pokem0n faglet whore is controlling everything ppl in the city do (EVEN SEX) join me and deface a Chinese website in the name of the klown :)

acidklown == hAx0rw33zer member now.


much love to:
jak and all my other gimped friends :)