that lubbable acidk|own iz Back!@$!$!@%!!!!!

This is where i would like to explain why i am back in the scene.

It all started when my grand-ma-ma brought home some fish-egg casserole. i ate it and then shitted my pants and threw up (and i wasn't even on drugs at the time!)..and then i realized that China is a fucking piece of shit. So, I am defacing and attempting to begin a nationally world-wide cyber online script kiddie war with the communist piece of shit country. If anyone reading this actually likes china, i think you should be molested by my uncle biff.

i believe everyone should help me fight this war by supporting your local klownz and killing and stabbing every person who thinks that the ppl in china should be enslaved and suffer poverty because some chinese gink beefaroni eggroll sucking two-bit pokem0n faglet whore is controlling everything ppl in the city do (EVEN SEX) join me and deface a Chinese website in the name of the klown :)

acidklown == hackweiser member now.


much love to:
jak and all my other gimped friends :)