Excuse my messy html. This is ShiSh, for Kebab Kru, hiya grandad. Ahem, Read today's rant.

RantZ: Today's topic is - .ac.th - If you follow alldas.de you will probably noticed a large increase in the amount of .ac.th domains that the KeBaB KrU have been hitting, theres no reason for this other than the fact that they are easy to hit and we have some demands. We want a kebab house in every single educational establishment of Thailand. Once we have conquered the Thai's we will move on to the japanese and the chinese. Then we'll hit the UK. Eventually, the world!

ShoutZ: MrKebab, Ch1ll1s4uc3, K0fte, MiXeD,RuBiX, Sharky and Poizonbox.
Special diss: encrypt0- Don't fucking pose, its not clever. You are not in WoH, get over it.

Special Feature: Pilau

Paul seems to lack any brain capacity at all. His inane comments get on everyones nerves, hence the log below of a rather amusing prank:
(04:54:28pm) * paul^ slowley undress Helen
(04:54:36pm) kissing her all over
(04:55:02pm) moves down and slowley sucks her nipples
(04:55:08pm) rubbing her hot pussy
(04:55:28pm) * paul^ moves down and burrys his head in helen pubes
(04:55:41pm) and starts to lick helen out slow making her cum all over
(04:56:35pm) * paul^ fingers helen
(04:56:42pm) and works his way back up
(04:56:52pm) and then fucks helen very hard
(04:56:59pm) pulling out before he cums
(04:57:04pm) and cumming all over her
(04:58:56pm) that didnt turn meon
(04:59:06pm) but ills end you a pic of my body guard if you want...
(04:59:33pm) lol
(04:59:42pm) well i will turn u on in real
(04:59:46pm) yes please
(05:00:18pm) no you won't
(05:00:26pm) cause you won't meet me
(05:00:51pm) i cant this weekend
(05:00:57pm) any other weekend yes
(05:01:02pm) but not this one
(05:01:45pm) :(
(05:02:05pm) i supose you could email me your pic
(05:02:10pm) sorry
(05:02:15pm) infact no
(05:02:17pm) i really cant do this week
(05:03:00pm) do i get pic
(05:04:32pm) helen
(05:07:16pm) she's nice aint she
(05:07:17pm) shit she is nice aswell
(05:07:34pm) yup
(05:07:44pm) god
(05:07:46pm) she fingers me every night :)
(05:07:51pm) is she with u all the time
(05:08:14pm) yer
(05:08:19pm) shes even watching now
(05:08:56pm) r u bi
(05:09:07pm) no but i get frisky at night

Clearly this shows the mentality of the boy, note the time of the prank. Thanks MiXeD (he performed as Horny_Helen). The worrying thing is, he'd been caught (by MiXeD) previously in exactly the same circumstances - BUSTED!. Never mind eh pilau?

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