hacked by


root = P(\)W

Sorry Admin but your system was broken by P(\)W

Adimin, you security is very bad, please uinstal NT.

Hey admins, lets stop gaving money to Bill, and beeng hackedz....stop using IIS/NT... IdiotZ

Brazil is not good at economie, health, violence, politic and stuff...
But in hacking, we RULEZ!

P(\)W, Pirates of (\)etWork

irc.brasnet.org   #pnw

Problems in security mailme: pnw@uol.com.br


website: www.pnw.ca.tc

ADM: not deleted files (erase index or logs)  :-)

Gretzz: tty0, securityBR,  n0p1z, c0br4s, limit.br, TC(\) TEAM, securityBR.

Fuckz: FBI, doritos, USA and ALCA.