Guess what you Israeli murderers?  You've been hacked by...





There you have it.  The truth.  Israel is not a Jewish state, but on the contrary a Zionist state. If you are a Jew or an Israeli and are an open-minded individual, we ask you to please check out  It will give you a better insight on why the above Jewish man and hundreds others besides him are protesting against the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people.


For the REAL Truth about what's happening in Palestine, visit:

Palestine Info Center

Media Monitors Network

Islamic Association for Palestine

Intifada Online

Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people


Free Palestine!

Free Kashmir!

Free Chechnya!

Free Kosova!

Free Bosnia!





Israeli soldiers violently push aside a little boy after murdering his mother...The little boy is in shock and disbelief, but the events that he has witnessed have left him with childhood scars that will never heal.  His life is destroyed.  He's alone...He has no one now...He has nothing left in life...

Israeli soldiers have taken away the mother that bore and loved him...



A Palestinian baby "terrorist" beheaded by the IDF...What was his crime?  Chewing on a rock that he could've spit on an Israeli soldier?  Maybe because his rattle was a bomb?  Or maybe because he was a Palestinian?!  Palestinian children in refugee camps see their brothers, sisters, and parents being insulted and abused by the IDF daily.  The Israeli army shoots tank shells at Palestinian refugee camps everyday.




500 Palestinians dead

17,500 Palestinians wounded

Thousands made homeless by Israeli bulldozers destroying their homes. . . 



How the Palestinians feel:

...Imagine if some guests come to your house and beg you to stay in your house because it's freezing outside.  You feel sorry for these people because they've suffered alot, so you let them stay in your guestroom.  The next day, when you come back from work, you walk into your house.  Your children are dead.  Your wife is raped.  Your mother and father are missing.  And the same guests you let in the other day come up in front of you, point their rifles at you, and say "Negotiations?"  What would you do? This is how the Palestinians feel!



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