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T@G.net.il  is Israel's YAHOO they say! Well here it is for the first time this page would be hosting the truth (for a change!)

Israeli soldiers who fired at a Palestinian funeral today, killing a 14-year old Palestinian boy and wounding dozens. Israel continues to tell the world that it is the victim of Palestinian violence, when the statistics clearly show the truth.  Israel is using poison gas against Palestinian civilians.

You in Israel calls Palestinian resistance fighters terrorists, but you Israelis are the real terrorists as you bomb, maim, torture, and hunt down innocent Palestinians, and then tell the world that Palestinians are violent.  You Israelis are the real terrorists as you continue to bulldoze countless Palestinian homes, further displacing already poverty-stricken Palestinians who fight daily for their very survival.

So Sharon is now prime minister huh?  It's not surprising that the same nation that elected Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin, who slaughtered and massacred hundreds of children, would elect a war criminal like Sharon.  Ariel Sharon is the world's most ruthless murderer and this is why we hacked his site.  Sharon ordered bombings on schools and hospitals in 1982, utterly murdering in cold blood over 30,000 Lebanese Muslims and Christians.  Ariel Sharon directed the Shabra and Shatila Massacres in 1982, in which Israel-backed militias tortured, raped, beheaded, and murdered in cold blood over 2,000 Palestinian and Lebanese refugees, who thought they were under the United Nations' protection.  Ariel Sharon will lead the Middle East, and possibly the world, into war.  And when he does, remember our words.   

Palestinians have been deprived of their human rights, their native land, and their rightful independence for 5 decades by the Israelis.  On September 29, 2000, Ariel Sharon and 1000 Israeli soldiers showed the Palestinians by their use of force in storming the Al-Aqsa complex that the Israelis will never recognize Palestinian rights.  Now, the crossroads have come.  The Palestinian uprising against the inhumane, illegal Israeli military occupation will go on...til freedom!  





Israeli soldiers violently drag away an 8-year old Palestinian child to prison chambers where he will be denied food, beaten, sodomized, and threatened by Israeli prison officials.


Ofcourse the Israeli spokeswoman will flatly deny the incident.


Palestinian "violence" is Palestinian resistance, resistance against the cruel occupation you inhumane Israelis have established in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.




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            This Palestinian girl had a home, just like you and me.  Until it was bulldozed by your Israeli army as it invaded Palestinian refugee camps with American government-funded tanks and helicopter gunships.  Over 400 Palestinians were made homeless by your Israeli tank shells and bulldozers destroying their homes, which were small and barely adequate to begin with.  Here, she looks at the remains and ruins of her home after Israeli bulldozers finished the job.  This girl is only one of the thousands of Palestinian children robbed of their childhood by Israel.  How can you Israelis do such cruel things?! 


Here, Israeli soldiers behead a Palestinian baby.  The Israeli army is still checking the report.



Israel, stop crying about your 3 soldiers that Hizbollah has while you yourselves are torturing thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners in your jails, and while you imprison 4 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.





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