Hey Admin:

   We are sorry for what just happened to you; first off we would like to help you fix this problem so no one can hack into this server again.

Its important to realize that windows can be very secured when time is spent and decisions are made on the right pattern.  Its also recommended that you keep an eye on the web for patches as new bugs are found so that your server can be secured and no problems can be caused to yourself nor the company you work for.

At this point we would like to invite you to check this link so you can understand how we got in and how to fix this problem.

We at this point would like to say one more thing, JP I admire you very much and all of the hard work you are doing.  For all the feds out there work hard and lets put an end on this problem. 

Please note this was done to help you fix your server we got in so no other kiddie would come in and destroy your server.  You are totally save we've done no harm we are here to help and put an end on this issue.

Thanks again

May God be with you all.


[woh helping admins to secure their servers for free.]