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WoH 's Interview - "World Of Hell - Atleast for some big companies..."

The company names are well-known world-wide. They earn millions
of dollars but still they have something really rare
in common. Names like Toshiba, Volvo, Cadillac and Ea Sports are part
of a big group of "high-profile" sites which was defaced by one hacking crew.
As I reported before, Poizonb0x attacked goverment and military boxes
but this group attacks rich and famous companies.

It seems that this problem called insecurity is spreading around
the globe. It´s a fact that all hacked computers don´t get defaced but
still we have about 60-80 defacements / day. I think that´s much,
but imagine the amount of computers being penetrated and hacked
into every day, without anyone noticing it.

The money isn´t really a problem, I can't believe how companies like this
can tolerate insecurity of their sites. The security is a few clicks away
or perhaps around the corner where the bookstore is located.
It´s impossible to be 100% secure, I admit that, but it's not hard to be 95% secure...

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