Pizon Box is Extremely Gay ass mother fuckers - Scott Meyers 1998

Sorry for defacing your site Mr. Admin Sir.
Call the federalis and blame Poiz0n B0x (thats poison box).

Here at Poiz0n B0X we need peoplez who can dot slash linux! So far we only use Leets0r_0sec_aol_Win_NT.h4x.exe .
Also our name has seemed to confuse people with its 3r337 spelling. Poiz0n B0x means Poisen Box. Not pzzzion box! ROFLMAO!!!
Hey, you brazilian hacker groups seem pretty leet. Wanna join our "HACK ALL WINDOWS B0x3z" campaign?
Drop us a line. Sorry, we couldnt understand brasnet... and got scared when we saw "jajaja".
US Gov and China! You better PHEAR Poizen B0x!
Your windows mouse cursor is next! Ahah! We can already hear you saying "WTF! my M$ lazer intellimouse is fux0red d00d".
Welp. Thats all I have to say for today!!!
Back to eating cookies and checking my major leet VB pimpdows scanner

<Evangel> Q: What computer knowledge do you have?
<Evangel> A: "c/c++, SQL, shell, *BSD, Solaris, cisco, linux, html/perl/php, asm, JSP, NT and so on."
<Evangel> thats poizon box
<Evangel> alldas.de interview
<Evangel> they use an html generator.. and hit windows
<Tropick> collectivley we can say hello in all those languages :)
<Tropick> apparently they dont make their own shit
<Tropick> they use 1 exploit
<Tropick> i want to examine a site they hit
<Tropick> wait its windows
<Tropick> nm
<Evangel> heh

-Team Quest

DataThief, Tropick, & Hektik

No hard feelings Poison 

"We aim high. Our bullets always fall short"