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It was exactly 2 years ago today atfer the Columbine High School massacre.
Students were off school, and have this terrible memory stuck with them
for the rest of there lives. More Info

Quick glimpes of what happened:

Shooters on a killing spree.

Rachel Joy Scott

August 5, 1981 - April 20 , 1999

Rachel Joy Scott, was among the first to get killed.
Witness said she was killed just for believing in god,
and was known for carrying a bible.

Mourner cry out there lost:

Hope the teacher and staffs remember that this happen before, and will happen
again if no one cares. 'Is there Someone thinking about blowing up the school?'
Won't hurt to at least think about it does it.


Nothing on your b0x been harmed. Index's was backed-up.
Just thought I bring this awareness to you.
But if help is needed on securing, Email us at:
Thanks for your time. ;) dont forget to secure!!


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