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"A large part of those wounded by live bullets are those we indeed wanted to not only injure but kill."  -  Israeli General Giora Eiland
Israeli occupation soldiers shot a 13-year old Palestinian boy in his head on his way to school yesterday.  Nothing new.  It's only been going on for the past 5 months - actually the last 53 years.  It's time the world stands up for justice.  It's time to stop Israel from killing, murdering, torturing, and abusing more Palestinian children, teenagers, men, and women.  If the so-called "civilized" international community is too inept to do anything, we'll take matters into our own hands...because we're pissed like hell right now.  Israel, you will child pathetic liars...damn you Sharon, you rotton piece of shit, we'll make you pay...





Above, in 1948, Zionist Israeli soldiers look at the dead bodies of some of the Palestinians they've massacred.  It was 1948...When it all began...All of what is now "Israel" was Palestine, a land in which Muslim and Christian Palestinians had been living for 2,000 years.  From Europe the Zionist Jews came, and expelled the 5 million native Palestinians out of their indigenous land by murdering, raping, pillaging, and torturing them.  The Israeli Zionist terror group Irgun, with over 50,000 members, beheaded Palestinian babies, raped pregnant Palestinian women...slaughtered and massacred thousands...and forced a whole native Palestinian population out of their home by force, and after all this...they created "Israel."


For the REAL Truth about what's happening in Palestine, visit:

Intifada Online

Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people

Palestine Info Center

Media Monitors Network

Islamic Association for Palestine


Free Palestine!

Free Kashmir!

Free Chechnya!

Free Kosova!

Free Bosnia!





Israel, you call brave little children you throw stones against your nasty soldiers terrorists, but you are the REAL, professional terrorists as your helicopter gunships fire upon Palestinian civilian homes, as your American-bought Apache ships shoot away at the hearts and heads of little Palestinian kids, and as you demolish the homes of Palestinians making more room for your fanatic Jewish settlers.  Look closely at this picture:  Look at the boy's eyes...Hasn't he been hurt? Israel and the Western media call this boy a "terrorist"...

This Palestinian boy is fighting for his basic human rights, rights that Israeli scum deny him and his people.   This is a stone thrown against the cruel tyranny of Israeli occupation - a stone thrown for Palestinian freedom.


To see just what one day is like for the Palestinians living in Gaza, West Bank, and East Jerusalem, go to: 

(These are exact details on what happened all day in Palestine on February 27.)


End the inhumane sanctions on Iraq, which have killed over a million Iraqi children because of lack of medicine and lack of proper hospital facilities.


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