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root = P(\)W

Sorry adm you "security" is broken by P(\)W

ADM, you security is very bad, please instal LINUX.

Hey admins, lets stop gaving money to Bill, and beeng hackedz....stop using IIS/NT... IdiotZ

Brazil is not good at economie, health, violence, politic and stuff...
But in hacking, we RULEZ!

< P(\)W, Pirates of (\)etwork >

Problems in security mailme: pnw@uol.com.br


website: www.pnw.ca.tc

hackedaarologotypsmall.gif (1067 bytes)hacked

ADM: not deleted files (erase default or logs) :-)

We are in Black days because the Death of the best Hacker Clan of the World, The number 1, Silver Lords

Silver lords is a not brazilian, Silver lords, macwis and mirinda.

Gretzz: limit.br, demonios, Silver lords, tty0, n0p1z, all P(\)W members.

Fuckz:  FBI, redefacers, option-line, petrobrás, bombardier.