oh my fear, you're owned. antigod strikes again!@

ok i left any attempts at intelligence behind on my other defacement... this is just to relieve boredom. oh and tsp; you're on my shitlist now, bitch.

Admin; index.html has been changed to index.save and not really anything has been fucked with... I don't think.

Shouts; droz, cheesee, cappy, t0x1c, skarz, c0rdless, fearsome, zink, skrilla, etech, fertilizer, wigga, mafi, synical and all of whp.

Shits; windoze - aaron why don't you try to buy a fucking clue boy, you're never going to get it on your own. all of tsp - a bunch of fucking want to be, still got momma's milk around they lips bitches.

Whores; no, you can't have a box.

- antigod