This one is for you media. I got this site off of from my friends at quit crew. I guess the admin isnt smart enought to avoid being defaced twice - so his problem.

The reason Im redefacing this site is to get some things accross. I didnt realize until tonight that my defacements were getting media attention. I think its completely stupid since I spend all of an hour per day most committed to defacing. Whats even more stupid is these so called analysts trying to pick apart what im doing. let me make it simple for you ALL.

I code alot of my own exploits - and use some I get offline. So yeh call me a script kid - I dont give a shit. I make more than you do as a jr admin at an isp.

I have no fucking reasons. I do this because Im bored. I do it because my friends on IRC think its funny.

I can own almost any OS out there - even if I didnt code the vuln or not - so call me no threat - i care. honest.

As far as the whole china thing. Just because I only got 2 sites mirrored doesnt mean thats all that was owned. According to all emails from help plus what I did - 112 servers were smashed. so blow me.

summary - i dont give a shit what you media whores think. i do this because its fun and because i can. like me or hate me - up to you. to those media sites that have been good to me - a big thank you for being open minded.

forgive the spelling - its late. - pr0phet - pr0phet