Hey look ma,i just haxasaured meself an ntee
- shut up cletus and get your ass to the pigshack and feed dem p0rks.

to all the defacement groups/people out their that think theyre all that (that goes for everyone from psuspectz (lamers) to EvilAngelica(schizophrenic 50 yearold by the nickname of blackdog) all i can say to joo fuxorz is....

fuck you and teh cock you rode in on

 im tired of everyones backstabbing,lies,stupidity and general crap in this scene alltogether .bah
tribunal - alldas.de dude lose some weight and don't think that rtfming maximum security is gonna make you a guru .. mkay?
#darknet - lewserz
dugnet - where it go? (to /dev/null hopefully)
attrition.org - the worst mediawhore/sellouts than jp and his  'secure your nintendo' antionline ...ehum...'portal'
antionline.com - ...
antioffline.com - sil can suck my dick...that is whenever speedygrrl finishes..
^i fart in your general direction.


- cumin mah