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Kebab Kru Str1k3z again!

Defacing for Beer and Kebabs!
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NT suxx0rz. But if j00 must use it. g0 download the patch fr0m micro$oft.com.
for help contact the email at the bottom of this page. your index is backed up.

Reason behind this is I'd like to appologise for what I said.
(k0fte): I'd hope to think our years of friendship would be able to come over this big fuckup on my part.... - I'd like to think so. prove me right :)
scrap the backstabbing cunt bit. but still fuck you to people that believe it :) so l'll add to that list. friends I missed:

k0fte, Ch1L1 54UC3, ShiSh, M1x3dK3b4b, RuBiX, Funk-E-D, Morag, Hannibal, The Wee Man, Lani, Loz, Ratt(;)), Bill Gates. :)


I'm gone.. Will I be back...??