hacked by fearsome of whp
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Wassup: antigod, CheesEE, droz, synical, Dysko, CaptainHowdy, T0X1C, Porn_Flakes, wigga, unistd, vilest, crak

Fuck You: ansimation, IceQueen, ^OuIjA^, Hate-Breed, #Helpdesk@DALnet, #Scripting@DALnet

Hey Mr. Admin, check this out.
You can find out how I did this there.

[::] NOTES [::]
My html isn't intended to impress anyone. My crew and I hack servers almost 24/7, but its only the slowones that we fuck with. They have their ways, I like to deface them. Hopefully some admin's boss will viewthe page before the admin fixes it. Thats all I want. *evil grin* And of course a lil` attention!