d3f4ced by Anti Security Hackers (Riss-Q attacks again!)


I g0t th3 r00t!

h3r3 is f4ls3 s3curity!


I have n0 m3rcy!


ADM you have no SECURITY!

 This is a favor to you, i did this to show how it's easy!

nothing was deleted just the attack's logs

 (maybe the main page was)


Sorry, my english isn't perfect!

And I write in English because I want that all the people read!

In the next time, take care!

If you want to know how I enter in you system, send me an e-mail!





I can help you! And maybe work together!


Greetz to 

Silver Lords, Hfury, Data Cha0s, Prime Suspectz, IZ Corp and Crime Boys! 

PoKeM, Senn, |Soul |, Ry4n, Awie2k, Cruze, Red||ine And All IRCNET memberz

Thankz to

| Insecure Network | Alldas.de | Elitehacker.br |


Very Special Thankz and Greetz to 

Diego, Nory, Gorfo, Vinipool, Cacá, Marcaum, Gróbs, Morera, Jezí, Nerso and Pikachu!


My friends, I like you so much...never forget that! 



Anti Security Hackers are : 

  | c0nt4ct | Dr_Delete | mor_PH_eus |  assdebuger |  VUGO ||Riss-Q|



"If you don't think about safety aspects your dream can become a nightmare"