World of Hell was here.
This site was defaced for WoH by RuBiX.

World of Hell rooting sites in the year 2001. Looking for new members, if you're interested, mail us asap. We're looking for coders.. no script kiddies please =)

0wn3d. In response to a-lamer's email, subject "try hitting something else but iis servers." - This box is not NT m'kay? I can hit any fucking OS I like, unlike you. You seem to be a child who can't get his to work and so decides to flame people like me who can ./0wn IIS.. and Solaris and Linux. So, fuck you. Oh yeah, I'm a script kiddie too, can't code any Perl to save my life, heh.
[root@80com]# uname -a
Linux 2.2.12-20kr #1 Tue Oct 12 16:46:36 KST 1999 i686 unknown
Updates: I think this is bullshit, however... Apparantly the feds are after me and the rest of WoH. *gulp* I'm sooo scared (you'd think they'd be wasting their time trying to catch the real criminals, heh). Anyways, because of this, and due to the fact I have ./0wn3d just about every company possible, I'm out of the defacing scene. It's been great to be here, and I have met a lot of new friends and seen the work of some elite guys (pr0phet, Quit Crew etc, you all know who you are..). I'd like to say this, I am not one of those lame NT defacers like PoizonB0x etc, I simply chose to own a few big domain NT boxes for a change. It was a phase, got a problem with that? Bite me. Wanna own just like me? Well, telnet 2325 - Yes, I backdoored them. Shock horror. I leave it up to you. It's been a great month this, and I hope to see some wicked defacements in the future.

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear "lame hax0r dude with no lifeeeeee," Happy birthday to me.

You think my birthday and me quitting the scene on the same day have anything in common? Check my alldas interview... heh. L8rZ,

RuBiX - the NT hacker and media wh0re.

I would like to thank the following people/groups: ^Emma^, Chawmp, Enstyne, TheGrimPhreaker, Quit Crew, pr0phet, ion69, cynik, Kebab Kru, eidkik, alien, Dogbert, keoki, CrazyHorse, XaN, Nim, Anarki, bansh33 (, HexxeH,, and anyone else I missed.