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From the World's Fantabulous Defacers

look at this lil girl suffering, and clamming for peace

Are we cyberterrorists simply because we seek to bring light to the millions that you have emerged in darkness? For well over 4 decades, your fascist, racist, Zionist regime has been gradually committing genocide against the Palestinian people, denying them not only their righful land you stripped away from them, but also the basic human rights of society. The world is against you Israel, but the good-willed, good-hearted American people you have deceived still stand loyally on your side. By giving the innocent American people the image that your nation is forthright and guileless, you have successfully been able to violate the sovereignty of other nations, steal a whole people of their land, portray freedom fighters such as Hizballah as “terrorists”, and gradually dispossess and subjugate a whole people. But your transient glory is as its peak. Now the tables will turn… Your heartless hypocrisy will be elucidated…Your inhumanity will be exposed…We will bring hope to the millions you've thrown in despair...We swear by God that we will bring truth to a world enveloped in falsehood...Until our blood too falls with the martyrs of Al-Aqsa…and the martyrs of Chechnya, of Kosova…of Bosnia…and of Kashmir.

Your database has remained unharmed and untouched as have those of all our other 'victims', but if we are provoked by you or your ally organizations in any way, matter, shape, or form, we will certainly not hesitate to go beyond defacements, because we certainly have the ability to.

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