#$%#$%#$ relax, oh yes, yes, yes ! uhuu $#$%#$#

perl msadc.pl -h www.fuck.your.jerk.navy

wow! here we are :) you were owned, your fuckin navy !
we dont need people like you! fuck off
so, what you gonna do ? nothing! just keep looking. your asshole.
Crime Boys owns this shit. Brazilian hax0rs owns this shit!!!
suck my balls!! assholes :)

--------- hackweiser:

  Can you shut up ? You said that we're kiddies, man, I really don't think so..
  Look, we are not hackers, we don't hack with ./msadc yourass.fuk, ./wu or ./bind...
  We're not like you, stop doing shit and lets hack something useful...
  You only hack .hk, .dk, what the hell ? assholes.dk ? hahahahahaha
  God ... You hate us ? fuck you!

greetz: IZ Corp, Prime Suspectz, Silver Lords, G Force, n4rfy.

fuckz: all the navy, fbi.


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