Yep another sites bites the dust and another admin bites the pillow!
Yep its me again from hackweiser, I have noticed that some people don't like us on the mirrors and we are very sad and we even cried a couple times about the nasty things you retarded ./cgi hacksers have been saying about us
Especially you retards hacking windows boxes and saying that hackweiser did it...that's just sad kids.
Yes hackweiser has defaced windows nt boxes before in the past but the last couple we did with nt have been defaced with scripts written by members of hackweiser and the exploits are found by members as eat shit!
I am having trouble grasping the concept as to why people would redeface a windows site at all, you kow who you are and you continue to do it. Cut that shit out it's gets annoying!
If a server has been defaced before and you know it's fucking vulnerable then great, I'm really happy that you can attack something you already know is weak and has been penetrated before.
I don't deface NT sites because i find it pointless since everyone else on the mirrors seems to pick up a copy of or and hack the planet, but recently i have coded my own version of the unicode exploit that checks for 24 different strings of the unicode bug and i have found some very big sites are vulnerable to the unreleased strings.
I am pondering whether to release this exploit and let all of the kids use it and create even more problems for system administrators, I seriously doubt i will release it into the hands of packetstorm or bugtraq, but I will release it to close friends and people i have respect for.
On the other hand all you kids redefacing shit need to cut that out right now! It's not cool and you get laughed at for redefacing boxes
If you would like to find your own sites it's incredibly easy with resources such as mass scanners and sites like
I know this site is a and i am not going to act like it is some incredible accomplishment but i am just going to use it to get my voice across to all of you children out there.

Hackweiser in the why two kay plus one squared!

all you redefacers can eat my doodie with a shovel! Go die you buncha' fucks!