anno domini 2001

today's victim is:

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B4dBoy dedicates this one to Simona: please remember I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER

naDrol Rah'S dedicates this one to his love Linda

E-@ack dedicates this to Laura

DauthiJackal dedicates this one to his love Giorgia

why do we hack?

We hack 'cause we r fighting against bad information,
all of us ain't terrorists,  or stupid boyz who don't
know what they're doing.  We're just some guys, maybe
we've grown fastly,  but we're curious. Is it a crime
2 b interested  in  learning?  Each of  us has an own
life,  which can b good or bad.  We don't like 2 live
in  misinformation  or  ignorance.  We  want a better
world;  a  world  where  there  ain't   inequalities,
differences, injustices:  a new world!  We don't want
that  the   world  will  b  guided  by  multinational
companies, we don't want a world like this. Our world
has   2  b  of  everyone   who   passes  his/her  own
believings, religions, races,  politic ideas,  social
conditions  and  everything  which  makes differences
between people.  We want this, and we're fighting for
this.  We r against each  kind  of war,  against each
kind of  oppression,  against each  form of  abuse of
power:  we're fighting  and we'll fight in each place
where the  individual freedom is threatened.  We will
fight  under  each  flag besides people we don't even
know  but  whose idea of  freedom  is the same of our
one.   We   haven't  open  access  2  the   means  of
communication which r false,  they say what they want
and in  the way  they prefer,  this is the only way 2
spread  our ideas.  Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Serbia,
Iran,   Iraq,   Afghanistan,  Chile,  Peru,  Myanmar,
Brazil,   Philippines,  Palestine,  India,  Pakistan,
Kurdistan,  Turkey,  Algeria,  South  Africa,  China,
Taiwan,  Chechnya r places  where freedom is a dream,
open  your eyes,  open  your  mind, wake up,  and all
toghether  we'll turn freedom  from  dream 2 reality.
You  can agree  with us or not.  If you agree with us
let  diffuse  this  message  2 make our  ideas become
everybody's ideas.

special thanx to:
GForce Pakistan, Wfd and all the people who support us: We're fighting for the same ideals, we're fighting for the freedom in all the countries where itsn't. We don't live, luckily, in countries where there isn't freedom but we know its value and we fight in memory of all people that was dead to reach this ideal. Now the people that was dead in its name are called stupid but the history will call them: heroes! excellent work you do

"Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.Yet in this game that we play, to win you must assume your opponents every move, just like a game of chess. Checkmate" Pimpshiz

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and above all: don't ask us how to hack, learn by yourselves instead