Yeh...hacked by InfernoZ and Us3r....heh 101th lame deface...heh...admin; i send u mail before 2 weeks...u ignored see whats happend..=)

Ahhh....btw Admin,the index.html page was renamed to defaced.html ,so as u can see no demage at all.

GreatZ: All m0sad team, Rik0, Laz666, Expl0iT, M@n Dr@kE, SlayerZ, MA3, DIMENSION - X, z3rG, Shaitan, UkR-XblP, Nitr0geaR, aCidfAlz, AccessD,, dark-eye, zLOB, BlinuX, Starsky, rayd, jerico-(man,not every one that deface sites is a hacker..;)), Theli(Gr8 work man!), Anti-401 Hack Crew.

P.S. some day its gonna b just remeber, its just a coputers, its not the real life.....