Angels, we did it again!

:: Admin please patch your security hole. Im not a hacker, but if a wannabe like me could deface your site, think what a real hax0r could do to your box! No harm was done to the server in the making of this file. Mail me and i'll tell you whats wrong, and to avoid being defaced again!! ::
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Peoples Voice:
I don’t get with you President Singaporean? Why is your Singaporean president always like to make some bullshit about our country..yes we know that in some part your neighbor’s country there’s a fight ..but it doesn’t mean we are full of racist.. We are not racist.. And no! There’s no such bullshit as racist university in your neighbor country please..And im sure it’s your country where some minority races is being supress..I think your country that has problem with racist…if your president don’t know what shit his talking about.. Just shut the fuck up! by the way.. say fuckin hello to your president.. n stop pissing other peoples country.... Damnit

Shout to: blueskrinz, WanKB, Mumbra(JB), D0L(ex raja sg. wang), bundut, K3N(kent master..), vaLUe(cc gawd!!), N4M3L355(otai), corpsie, AmatHina, |kid|, c9, packetstorm, @stake(previously know as hackernews),, sm0ked crew, GFORCE, WFD and to all those freedom fighter hackers...

Lamah to: *.il(free palestin..j00 dumb ass),antionline,#bnc#shell#cc@dalnet,duck(fuck j00) and to those who just being gay!!

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ps: copied the old file to blah.bak