Xakep.ru RuleZ :)

GreatZ: All m0sad team, Rik0, Laz666, Expl0it, M@n Dr@kE, SlayerZ, MA3, DIMENSION - X, z3rG, zLOB, Shaitan, UkR-XblP, Nitr0geaR, aCidfAlz, Xakep.ru, dark-eye, AccessD , Starsky, rayd, jerico-(man,not every one that deface sites is a hacker..;)) Theli(Gr8 work man!), Anti-401 Hack Crew, Alph4num3ric.

Admin: no files deleted the main page renamed to defaced.html

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V g0nna liv3 f0r3v3r!!!
Israel, Russia and India RuleZ!!!
To Quit Crew(and all the other "Hackers" that deface Israeli and Russian sites in hope that somebody gonna respect them for writing something like "save Kashmir and Palestina" lol!):Fuck U All