tribe, the packet kids behind

The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a mIRC war group called tribe. Their only amusements were attacking people and systems on internet, and taking over IRC channels on IRCNet- when ever they weren't busy wanking.

They couldn't accomplish anything alone so they allied with another bunch of idiots- the Warlords lead by "mighty" Ace24.

"Attack Everything You See"

Together they sought channels to take over and ruin. Soon they found a program called smurf on a WWW site. They learnt how to 0wn Linux boxes with scripts. They learnt how to install root kits and DoS (Denial of Service) t00lz. With their new t00lz they could more effectively jam internet connections and IRCNet servers. Since this was the only "skill" they had, they abused lots and attacked thousands and thousands of users and servers.

The Hard Life of Clueless Packet Kids

Because they were not particularly smart, they weren't too successful either. Instead they got continuously 0wned by their victims. They were kicked off and banned from the channels they tried to attack.

They tried to solve it by packeting more and more. They even found teenage power-hungry IRC operators stupid enough to join their crew. Even with their help, tbe/wrl kept fuxing up their abuse business.

Today: The Blissful, Long Awaited End

Years later they realized that they are losers and gave up. They finally /quit their mIRCs. They finally left IRCNet and its peaceful channel owners alone.

The next day they started their own IRC network that no one goes to and no one gives a shit about. But they didn't stop wanking. They didn't stop trying to insult people and being assholes in general. This is how was born.

That is tribe today: leeching porn pics and running their little IRC network- and still getting 0wned. Decision to leave IRCNet was undeniably good. If only they had done it five years earlier before doing harm to thousands and thousands of internet users with their clueless packeter colleagues: MnM, X-org, t0rn, Danny-Boy... the list is endless.

contrib by HADeK

About This Site

If there is someone who didn't get it yet, this site was "defaced" or, in this case, improved, by HADeK (H4xxoz Against Denial of service Kids and other idiots like that).

This box was "protected" with the OpenWall Project patch and a funny /bin/sh that wouldn't want to start as r00t. But the site was so annoying we still had to 0wn it- like numerous others these packet monkeys used in the past. Other sites hosted on this box are among others and but because psychoid is such a nice whitehat we decided to leave them alone. We especially liked his purely educational stacheldraht patch which demonstrates TCP/IP stack weaknesses.
Extra stuff found on this box behind this link.

But no hard feelings- we can read below that the webmasters of this site can't take anything that happens online seriously. We are sure that they appreciate this practical joke.

Those two little stories at the bottom of this page have been written by the original webmastahs and we have left in their original form. Especially the first one is rather amusing to read if you know the background of these members of organized (yet clueless) crime.

If you wanted to see the original page (why on earth???) then follow this link.

contrib by HADeK

Are YOU, Yes You, a Packet Kid?

Do you think it is cool to attack internet users with programs like smurf, stacheldraht, trin00, or trinity? Do you get hard-on when you see a lot of Ping timeouts, EOF from clients, Connection reset by peers, and 64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=214 time=8254.2 ms's as results of your abuse?

It is not too late to stop the madness. Start doing something useful. Start building instead of breaking, helping instead of damaging. That way you can become real elite too!

contrib by HADeK

preach on brother matt.

I've been playing a small part in somewhat of an Internet drama the past couple of days,Its small potatoes when you consider the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't stop it from being fun. What fascinates me is how much some perceived slight on a message board or a website can anger people.

I've never been able to take anything that happens online seriously.

I've never had an "on-line relationship" I've never met anyone in the real world that I've only known previously online. Maybe this is why I never feel anything but amusement for what happens on "the net".

If you find yourself genuinely upset by someone disrespecting you on a site or message board to the point where you do something stupid/illegal or threaten someone with violence or some other "real world" consequences you need to get a fucking grip and take a fucking break.

Chic or shriek - Cattygoths

Special bonus hate; everyone in this miserable little country I call home hates British Telecom. Which has almost single handedly held us back in the modem darkages when every other civilised country has well established adsl and cable connections as the norm. So all the bitter British should appreciate this classic of a hapless BT employee tangling with a enraged customer, here.

Click here for the biggest free child porn gallery on the net !

contrib by matt @ 11;19:am - Tuesday 

Ive been having some fun the last couple of days here.People in general provide me with endless amusement. Like this for example, or this.

There are my friends, many people that should be doing somthing more constructive than making or gawking at stupid websites( like this one)as a short perusal of our axcess logs will reveal.. - Network: Army National Guard Bureau, the boys at the national guard love camgirls, so much in fact they came back for 9 seperate sessions this week, wonder who thier favorite is ? - Network: Department of Veterans Affairs,theres life in the old dog yet it seems!, the vetrans really like the Pornography section, and in particular the unpskirt shots. - Capt Ronald R Hollenbaugh is the network admin of this box, he loves the pornography too, and hes witnessed the delights of the ultimate scat clip that was posted last week.Hope you fucking liked it Ronnie! - This is the national computer center in Singapore, they were'nt too interested in our asian babes, guess they see enough of em at suzi wongs go-go bar after work. - Network: Library of Congress, Information Technology Services, now you know why nothing gets done on capital hill.. - Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC-DOM) all the nice girls love a sailor, and these salors love the hatecards! - Network: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory , I wonder what kind of research their doing over at berkley while looking at our site, measuring the viscosity of semen perhaps ? - Network: United States Department of Justice this is a pheersome box and is routed through the mighty, unfortunatley its firewalled out at the usdoj gateway, but i was able to trace a Joanne Katoski who is the administrative contact for this portion of the Justice departments network, maybe she has a thing for our girl-on-girl gallerys ? - Network: DOD Network Information Center (NIPR-DOM) Somone over at the DOD is really into fat chicks, who would have thunk it ? -Network: National Computer Security Center (NET-NCSC2), this is a box on the National Computer Security Center network , the trace goes dead at a switch in New York City USA, they do however have a thing for camgirls and are regulars on the portals, naughty!

I wonder how many of these boxes well see again in our logs now ive listed them on the main page.

contrib by matt @ 16:00pm - saturday 

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