Jinan Public Health Bureau

hello chinese government. im back.

yeh so im bored. so i like to go for rpc vuln solaris boxs. who cares. i dont see hardly anyone else out there doing it so it must not be trendy. its not like its... nt. this is kind of starting point for me. i think i will do no less then 1 chinese government box per day - until im bored with the country. admins - check yohself. h0h0.

ide like to thank the groups out there that have been kind enough to have me in their channels despite my lack of membership or whatever. its been a learning experience - for us both. i wish more people filling the pages of attrition and alldas would start communicating like that. it would be amazing what could get done.

hello to : My good freinds in Hackweiser, prime suspects, quit crew, www.theregister.co.uk - hi mr. g - and everyone whos been emailing me intelligent comments.