-=[ Owned Bah ]=-


-=[ Hacker Jak & Hacker KP]=-

Oh yeah, the gimp and I went exploiting today and guess what we found...

Your Site!@#$&

Sup, I would like to say hackweiser > budweiser anyday, were gonna start makin our own fuckin brew!@#@% And besides that Hackweiser now has the best "fuckin" team there is... hah! Anyways... ermmmm... wellllll... uhhh give me a min... :-)

blah fuck, ok, thats better.. hah heres KP, I will be right back...

Hey bitches whats up? errrr I feel like god right now. Or at least the slut on god's lap. Dude this is a sexy domain.

Also, everyone do me a favior and don't let Jak know. He walks like an old man right now. LOL Bye!