Alifuddin Turrabi, the editor of Kashmir Al-Muslimah , a weekly magazine in Arabic, published from Muzzaffarabad, Kashmir: Legally and constitutionally, no country with the name of "INDIA" exists as according to the Constitution (adopted on January 26, 1951), the official and constitutional name is "BAHRAT" which was actually a " Utopian " Hindu religious state in early history of this religion exactly same as " Israel" a Jewish state that came into existence after the disintegration of Solomon Kingdom. The other Sister State was Yahudia. The so- called " Indian" citizens carry passports which clearly describe the country's name as "Bharat" in Hindi language. The same situation is with its currency, postage stamps, postage seals, and official gazettes.
In the Western and Middle Eastern media the term "India" or "Hind" had always been referred to geographical location and never to a single nation. India is not and never a politically united nation, but rather a geographical area like Iberian Peninsula where Spain and Portugal are separate countries for countries. Another example is that of Arabian Peninsula where Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Kuwait Oman, Qatar and two Yemens are separate independent countries. Historically, also, India was never a united country. Even at the time
of Ashoke and during Mughals period, this subcontinent was divided in at least Six independent countries. Of course north India is not only "India."
Even at the time of British colonial rule India had many independent States such as Hyderabad, Kashmir, Bhawalpur etc. This is worthy to note that only Hyderabad was much bigger than the combined area of France and Germany. All these countries had their separate currency, railway and postal system.
Lingually, also, so called united India is one of the most un-united area. Even now southern languages are completely different from those of northern languages. The southern inhabitants are still not ready to accept "Hindi" colonialism. Hindu colonists were very clever and they deceived the whole world by claiming "Secular Indian Republic". If it
is really secular India why it's official name is " Bharat ". Simply because it is Hindu State of Bharat, where the only right of non-Hindu is to be killed.
Now question arises why Non-Hindu people should live in this Hindu Bharat. This is very logical that they should have their own independent countries. And how a Muslim Kashmir can be an integral part of Hindu Bharat?


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