This deface made by ObiTuarY of m0sad!!!!

 Fuck to All Islamic extremists Groups ...i hope you will die today ;-)


Greets to:

b00ster, fap, in4mer, AccessD, Bad_TriP, cnupT, infr0, ac[x7f]id, l0st_h0st, hhs_ , c0m4, mam0nt, z7, UkR-XbIP , MaTriXxX, t0nik, c0m4 ,GiGA,m4 ,malloc,MA3,InfernoZ, aLh4Num3Ric, UKR Team,Death Hacker Moscow ,ANTI-401 CREW , IRCtoolZ , Gibbons POWER.

Special thanks to all m0sad members

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