That lame deface made by v0dka !!!!!

Sadam Hussein you sucks & Iraq Sucks (the part of iraq that says "islamic extremism it's good").

I wont to note that Islamic extremism It's VERY BAD ! I am not talking about lame cyber war i am talking about the realy life...The extremist uses word "jihad" the mean of the word is "Holy War" ,But what the realy point of that war who can answer?????


note: I am not against Islam,just agains Islamic extremism !!!

Fuck to hizbollah (fucking terrorists)

Fuck to hamas( the same shit like hizbo...)

Fuck to fatah( The same shit like the ham...)

Fuck to mahabids(the same shit ..)

Fuck to All fucking Islamic eXtremist Groups for killing innocent people for unknown stupid reasons.


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