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The Rose that grew from Concrete.

To all MUSLIMS Happy Eid-UL-Azha


Well well well what do we have here. A .pk :> . Hard to see it get defaced by us but this is to warn a few Pakistani ISPS/WEBHOSTING companies of the bad security they have. Please visit security related sites so that you can keep up with the latest vulnerabilities found in all the OS.

Fucks to Konka and the whole of #Islamabad on DALnet which is all the time full of lamers with the inclusion of Federal_Agent and ThinKER the channel is full of shit. Once again Konka kiss our asses and fuck your mama and ride on your Fathers dick (i.e if he has one). I don't know how you were born but I am beginning to have a few doubts. #Delusion rules and every other channel fools. 

Shoutz to: a-ngelz ,elo ,rahimHD,surfiez,aekpani,zolo,sm0ke crew, DrCool-, glitchX ,The Itch, Tasc, parag0n, Data Cha0s, Datagram ,Dr-Hacker   DevilSoul , roots , MaDDoNa, DiScO-MoLvI, Insanity Zine Corp, Data Masters, Prime Suspectz, GForce Pakistan, lucipher, Wild Coyote, psaux, n1n0, ash and every1 that give greets to us :)

Credits to Alldas.de for providing a great
defacement mirror, keep up the good work boys! (and we have nothing to do
with alldas.de

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"Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.
 Yet in this game that we play, to win you must
 assume your opponents every move, just like a game
 of chess.



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