Israel, you lay economic siege on already immensely poor, poverty-stricken Palestinians. Israel you bulldoze away the homes of the Palestinians, further displacing entire Palestinian families Israel, you abuse, humiliate, and torture Palestinians everyday at your brutal checkpoints in Gaza and the West Bank Israel, you evil soldiers and settlers attack Palestinian schools, homes, and hospitals daily, including a Palestinian school for blind girls which you attacked a few days ago...Israel, you hate the Palestinians and make them suffer just because of their ethnicity, race, and religion. Was it not Hitler who did this to you a few decades back? You commit the very crimes that you were supposedly once victim of. You lying hypocrites. Israel, you keep on crying endlessly about the Holocaust, but it is YOU who are committing a ruthless, merciless Holocaust against the Palestinian people. You, Israel, are the Nazis of the modern age.And then after all this, you cry to the world and say that you are the victims of Palestinian violence. Your mass media in America and the West, such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and the New York Times, lies to the common people of America and the West, and manipulates them, never describing the ruthlessness of your actions and how you've made the Palestinian people suffer horribly for 53 years. SITE DEFACED BY WFD. Contact us @