h4r h4r h4r
P!mped by Team Quest!
This site was comprimised and defaced
Data & Trop were here.

Look what happens when kiddies get too many roots. Damn kids these days.
Well we dont really have any message so.

To All Defacers:

1. We're tired of defacements we cant read.
Nous sommes fatigués des mutilations que nous biseautons lu
Wir sind von den Entstellungen müde, die wir kippen gelesen
Siamo tired dei defacements che smussiamo colto
Nós somos tired dos defacements que nós cant lido
Somos cansados de desfiguraciones que biselamos leído

2. All you damn indian hackers or whatever you are i havent figured it out, do you really think your helping Blahshmir or whatever the fuck? YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE. All us m4d l337 gay o well h4x0rz dont care. No we dont want to see pictures of raped woman, your shot neighbor, or anything else that you submitted to stileproject.com!
3. We shouldnt be saying anything. But we're under the impression that you Brazilian defacers are lame for some reason. Maybe you should stop whatever it is your doing that gives you that reputation.
4. Im tired of text only defacements thats like 10 pages of a buncha un-organized text in a text file. yea "b0b was here" is ok. But we're not gona read some 10 page mess.
5. Hrm. Thats all i can think of right now.
6. I always thought this took more skill...

Someone leet invite us in a group...
Thats all... There may be more from us in the future. And then again maybe not. So watch us disapear for now. -Trop & Data (Team Quest!)

Shoutz 0ut: To no one. No one has ever gone out of their way to help us, or even help us that much at all. You damn leaders of groups are elitists, never let the little people in.
Fuckz: To no one. We dont need any enemies.

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Look mommy im on the website!
Sorry admin... We really are.