this hack is for j00!

helo all kidd.

hey muh nam is rikie
i am sory for any bade english butt
i got expeled in 8th grade becoz i
sexuall harased muh teach0r.

she wuz very sekksy and all things, i even grabed her
boobies and showered her my weenie, she didnt like me :((

anyway i join hackweiser now! and will spred
ther message, i jez wantted to say hello!
i live in brooklyn if someone wana stop by
and say hi (or buy a glock9)

i leave now becoz that rickie lake show startz now,
i see all those rickiez becoz she got muh name!

so bye bye!

ps. can some1 in hackweizer send me the new wu 260 exploit? ok godd ds.