Armament Development Authority, the Official Arms and Weapons Developers of the Israeli Government...hacked, defaced, and...obliterated by WFD. About a week ago, your Israeli soldiers attacked a Palestinian school for blind girls. Terrified blind Palestinian girls screamed and shouted in fear as your Israeli bullets shattered their windows and your American government-funded Israeli tank shelling fired at their school. (This incident was never reported in the Western media.) Well, this is our response to your sick, vile inhumanity Israel......... Rafael and Israel continue to create arms, tanks, planes, and other weapons that kill more Palestinian men, women, children, and babies everyday. This is what you Israeli thankless, selfish, oppressive tyrants... ... . . ... This is what you get for dehumanizing, dispossessing, oppressing, and murdering the Palestinian people, and then lying to the world and saying that you are the victims of their violence, when in reality the Palestinians are the true victims of your Israeli state-sponsored, civilian-endorsed racism, illegal colonization, and inhumane oppression...Signed, World's Fantabulous