What a friggin' joke, to all those who see this defacement I have to say one thing: This certainly isn't using IIS, but enough with the IIS defacements, they are giving me a bad name, from now on, all you will see is *NIX defacements, and defacing is by all means a VERY childish thing, I'm about to give it up all together.

Anyways, you are not secure, find out your security problems and fix them, I'm assuming you can at least do that. Do not worry, nothing was deleted because I am not malicious.

Shoutz out to: grimR, gideon[zs], Wickedseptre, Mr. K, Abiotic_, Xcidus, April M. (You sexy thing), yungsta, ColdFuzion, sniper-, websk8ter, initd_, lokal, bios and anyone else I missed.

Fuck you'z to: A_Xer0, d0se, mc2880, [s]pider, int0r. <-- Your all a bunch of lame-assed skript kiddie packeters who need to grow the fuck up and learn something for once.

I am by far not the best "hacker", but then again I am not the worst. I also do not feel like calling myself a "hacker" until I can successfully write working exploits, right now I have only a decent understanding of C. Above is a cool picture of my most hated OS, Windoze. Bill Gates: May you rott in hell. And I'm not just one of those little kiddies who follow the crowd and pretend not to like Micro$hit for no reason, I have my opinions, and other people have theirs.

While I'm on the topic of Microsoft, however, I feel that everybody needs to hear about microsoft's bitching about Open Source and how it's gonna kill them. DOES BILL GATES NOT ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY? The article can be found at:,4586,2158704,00.html