India's unabated repression of the Kashmiri freedom struggle and the ensuing genocide of the Kashmiri Muslims is about to enter its 12th year in the year 2001. Since 1989 Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) has been one of the most troubled and explosive regions of the world. Life has virtually turned into a nightmare for the people of Kashmir since India unleashed its repressive machinery through her security forces, when the Kashmir's stepped up their demand for their undeniable rights as a free human being as was promised to them by United Nations as well as the Indian leaders.

This little child was wounded when Indian forces attacked his school...

The suffering of Kashmiri people has been both traumatic and painful. Over 65,000 Kashmiris have been killed, thousand wounded and permanently disabled by the Indian security forces over the past 8 years. Thousands of women and young girls have been dishonored, hundreds of children were burnt alive in schools and many were maimed. Countless men especially youth have been tortured and crippled for life while thousands languish in jails and torture cells. Well over one million Kashmiri Muslims have been forced to flee their homes or have gone into hiding. In addition, thousands of houses and shops have been either demolished or destroyed by fire while hundreds of schools and hospitals have been burnt besides desecration of holy shrines. Food stocks, crops and forestry worth billions have been burnt or destroyed. House-raids, curfews, crackdowns, harassment, torture, indiscriminate firing and arbitrary arrests have become a routine affair in Indian Held Kashmir, resulting in sleepless nights and chaos for the poor inhabitants.


Indian soldiers abuse an innocent Kashmiri in the middle of the street.  Nothing new.  It happens everyday in Indian-held Kashmir.

More then six hundred thousand Indian troops have been deployed in Indian Held Kashmir making it the most heavily militarized area in the world. For a population of around eight million Kashmir's who are predominantly Muslims, over six hundred thousand Indian troops have been placed which include regular forces, paramilitary forces, Border Security Forces, Central Reserve Police Force, Rashtriya Rifles, Special Task Force and Police force etc. Nowhere in the world are forces concentrated in any territory in as large numbers as they are in Indian Held Kashmir.


These atrocities are the handiwork of ruthless Indian forces who at the behest of their commanders and rulers want to break the will and voice of Kashmiris through all possible cruel forms of repression. The Commanders, Governors and Generals in control of these forces are directly responsible for the brutal orgy of death and destruction being played in the valley, since their 4 orders and instructions are pre-requisite in action undertaken by the troops in the name of keeping `Security and Peace' in the valley.



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