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Hax0r'd Your Site...

The Asylum Slave
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ummmmm msg time i think

Owner/Admin -> Sorry for the hassle, but honestly dude, u need to learn how to secure an NT box before you take up a job where u get payed a fuking fortune to do it.

Company -> Hire someone with more than 12 braincellz :P

Athena/HB80 -> Hmm... lQQking extra sexy today... new lipstick?

GeNeTiX -> Stick to programming man, you are fuking good at it :)

SiRvu|caN -> WTF do you think u r doing? Quake SUX... get rogue spear bitch!

BadGadjit -> hey look i hax0r'd something :P

Black Zero -> hmm.... what can i say? you run windows ME .... man u suck! :P

Well that ends my shouts.... ummm visit these sites : -> Asylum of Dynastic Hackers -> Yeah mirr0rs of defacements

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The Asylum Slave

Hax0r'd By The Asylum Slave....