ezs ownz you....

- This hack goes out to all you true Techno fans out there...keep the love flowwwwing :)...

- Nothing was damaged during this hack, main index is now ezs.html, so dont worry!!!!!!

- If you wish to visit the real main index of this site CLICK HERE .

-Admin, if you wanna know how i hacked this server email me : ezoons@fuckemover.com

-Greetz... FocmAster, 0, fuckemover.com crew, Mystman, Bomb3r, Pendragon, and all the rest of you...i wont type it all down.


-Stupid log from some stupid kid online...not only did he make me hack these servers to prove him wrong, but he called all Canadians "stupid".

6:04 PM Juggernaut : your just some fucking wannabe hacker
6:05 PM ezs : haha want me to own some servers right now bitch?
6:06 PM Juggernaut : lets see it

Now who looks dumb?.....lol
His Ip # (he is on cabel) : "try out anything you want on his ip!! :)"
His ICQ # : 19032076


Dont just get even....fuckemover.com

Song i was listening to while hax0rin...lol : Judge Jules live @ GateCrasher (141megz) get all of it, it's worth it!!!

ezs was here...hope you enjoy the song, i added ezs to it...

You are seeing this window cuz you got a lame pathetic excuse for a browser and you cant support a wav player. Upgrade to IE 5.5 idiot......oh and THIS PAGE HAS BEEN HACKED BY EZS !!!!!!!! BUWHAAHHA :)