Heappy Valentine Day

L0ve is avrithing, There is not any live whitout love in this world.
but love can't live whitout true live.
Why this world is bad, so many bad live in here, 
so many bad people, to destroy this world.
Whit this nice Valentine Day. We all must be built
nice live whit love live




. : : : : .

0wned This Web

I Dedicate my love to
Sleighter, c1sc0-, madya, phyton, syz 

Heappy Valentine Day to
Hanny, RokStone, Dotcom-, SakitJiwa, Ferizal, SupermanNaikAngkot
anwar-, no3la, The-Rev, HuluBalang .... etc

I love ya guys 
All in

And Heappy Fucking Valentine to
::BHC:: uDC PrimeSuspect

Did ya know this web has ben hacked, i am so sorry dear admin. Your box is fucking so slowly.
Your Said Pentium III, Thats is so fuck. i Think your box is 486 so you must upgrade your cpu and your firewall. And One Think Please Do not help Indonesia Country White a matherial think i said this to the world, make the fucking indonesian weakup by they self, I think helping the world more injected to india coz so many human have a bad live in there, sorri i can't help you india but i can help for beg to the world just for your bad live in there. do not be proud to hack your web fuck admin and i do not won't to patching your web. so please came here all hacker world, this web is so fuck admin.