J00 B33N 0WN3D B1 DIMENSION - X *Big Greetz module :o)



"Hackweiser, Beer Beer, and shit, I'm drunk. " Keep your shit up. Same with sm0ked crew. NASA..lol

GR33TZ: Silver Lords, InfernoZ (nice work man, thanks) :), Analyser (Damn this guy know s his shit), m0sad (Keep up your shit), Lord Temp,

:P lol* Down Kaos and co.

The-Rev :)
Syr0kill :)

flameboy, fux0r, Dr-Hacker ,Newbies, DevilSoul, Bighawk, initd_, GFORCE, xst, JNB, Hi-Tech Hate, Quit Crew, and Prime Suspectz.

Pimpshiz: Whereever you are kid good luck coz your gonna need it. (Long live Napster)


The time of me being lazy as shit is over, k I must say, all the shit I have done is lame and I am no way responisble for my beyond lameness. I blame it on my secretary who is giving me a bj. K later.

==> Yo Admin, try to secure your box, cause some nasty peace of shits gonna get in and ruin ya. So peace.

Need Any help or shit, like securin your box and all: e-mail moi at: dimensionx@antionline.org