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MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan's military ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf renewed a call Monday for peace talks with India to settle the decades-old Kashmir dispute.

Addressing thousands of Kashmiris living in a refugee camp outside the capital of the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir, Musharraf said he is ready to talk if India sets no preconditions - a stance he has taken since coming to power in a bloodless coup in October 1999.

``If conditions are going to be set then we will also set conditions,'' said Musharraf, who was on a tour of Pakistan-held Kashmir to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day, a national holiday in Pakistan.

He urged Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to ``agree to take steps forward for peace and I promise that I, and the whole Pakistani nation, will move forward for peace and we can meet somewhere in the middle.''

There was no immediate response from India, but New Delhi has earlier refused to talk to Pakistan unless Islamabad first puts an end to cross-border incursions by militants waging a struggle to detach the Indian-ruled part of Kashmir from India. The 12-year insurgency has left 30,000 people dead.

India says Pakistan is arming and training the militants, who freely cross the border that divides the Himalayan state between the two neighbors. Pakistan says its support is political and moral.

The flash point of two wars between the nuclear neighbors, Kashmir was divided between India and Pakistan after British rule ended in 1947.

The secessionists in Indian Kashmir, the only Muslim-majority state in predominantly Hindu India, are demanding either outright independence or union with Muslim Pakistan.

As Musharraf spoke, young men in the refugee camp shouted slogans calling for a united Kashmir under the Pakistani flag.

Musharraf dismissed allegations that militant secessionists were terrorists, calling them "freedom fighters.''



A Kashmiri poet Parwaz Naqash has summed up the behaviour of Indian occupation authority in the following verses:

"See the dance of death & destruction

Smell the stench of charred human flesh

Come to Kashmir

When the mangled bodies of newly born babies bear testimony

To man's cruelty to man

Where young girls are raped, and

Their bosoms ripped apart

Where it is a crime to be young

Because if you are young

You are fit to be slain."


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