Prime Suspectz.

eye for you admgay

Security wuz broken!

but they can believe because the truth iz that prime suspectz wuz here.
hehe.. will be that iz luv? or stress? nor in we know them because of thiz...

sorry adm!
'he iz nervous? h0h0h0h0!.. then bites the ear!' you does not have guilt of being donkey. the guilt iz ours.
iz intelligent excessively at least finds thiz.

okay? .. kissz!!

Greetz: evil angelica, gforce, aic, downkaos,
phc, AccessD, iz c0rp, cboys,, slords y dcha0s.

Fuck: why? .. we do not have enemies!

# psuspectz

x-s4nd3r / k4m1k4z3 / överki££ / 4n1cl4t0r