• Ariel Sharon Election Campaign 2001 has been hacked.
  • Sharon killed 30,000 people.
  • A vote for Sharon is a vote for murder and genocide.
  • A vote for Barak is a vote for racism and oppression
  • Sharon is a war criminal.
  • Long live Hizballah!



A Message from Ariel Sharon himself to all the viewers of this site:


We all want peace, true peace.  This is why we here in Israel shoot Palestinian children in the head everyday.  Peace with security.  This is why we fire missiles from our American-bought helicopter gunships at little Palestinian kids.  This is why our settlers beat down Palestinian children daily.  

We in Israel want to destroy the dreams and hopes of the Palestinian people.  We kill their children in cold blood, fire tear gas at their schools, put them in extreme economic hardship, bulldoze their homes, and bomb their cities.  Our laws even discriminate against Palestinians living in Israel. (Israeli Arabs)

Our Israeli soldiers murder Palestinian children and then drag them through the streets in celebration.  Our Jewish settlers dance around and give candy to the soldiers, congratulating them for killing another 8 year old Palestinian terrorist.  


(Here, our Israeli soldiers joyfully drag the body of a 21 year old Palestinian stone-thrower through the streets after they murdered him.  Notice the smiling soldier in the first picture.  Our Israeli soldiers love to kill.)


We here in Israel believe that all Palestinians are terrorists.  Even the babies, so we behead them all too.  I myself enjoy this very much.  In fact, the only reason I can continue to commit these brutal crimes is because the Western and American media portrays me, Ariel Sharon, as a loving, grandpa-type figure.  The good-old folks at the American New York Times and Washington Post love me and Israel more than they love their own country.  They continue to deceive the American people as more and more American money comes pouring into my government's hands.  Muahahahahah!  

We, Israel, are a Nation, a State, and a People who desire the utter and complete genocide of the Palestinian people and we are closer than ever to accomplishing that goal.  With the trust of the lords of the American mass media, such as CNN, we have continued to manipulate the American people into believing our lies.  Ha ha ha, how naive they are!  Our Israeli forces have murdered 390 Palestinians and wounded another 18,000, while they have only killed 48 of our Israeli people.  And yet the Americans think that we are the victims, and that they are the terrorists, when in reality we are the terrorists!

So finally, I say to you this.  With an experienced leadership in murdering and butchering Palestinians and telling the whole world that we are the victims of their violence, we will succeed in our ultimate Zionist goals of rebuilding the Kingdom of David, and ruling the entire world from Jerusalem.

I ask for your trust and support in our quest to destroy the Palestinian people once and for all.

With blessings.

A. Sharon


(WFD Note:  But Sharon, by God, you will never achieve this inhumane goal...You will be stopped.  No matter how much power you have, no matter how much tanks, artilley, and planes you have, no matter what the World Bank and IMF do for you...Israel, you will lose...Reckoning will come.)


(By the great grace of God, this site, Ariel Sharon Election Campaign 2001, has been hacked by the MEMBERS of  the World's Fantabulous Defacers.  Why?  To reveal the truth about Ariel Sharon, a pathetic, sub-human man who was and is responsible for the tortures, rapes, beatings, and cold-blooded killings of over 30,000 people. This shithead is now about to become prime minister of Israel, a racist, fascist state that denies a whole people of the independance free people take for granted.  Here is the truth...)



The world's biggest murderer:





The Brutality...The Inhumanity...



This is what the Israeli army does everyday to the Palestinian people...Cowardly Israeli soldiers beat, torture, and destroy Palestinian children and then tell the world that they act in 'self-defense'. 

This boy's house was burned down by illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank, but he survived...But the childhood scars that the Jewish settler gave this Palestinian boy can never heal...and the nightmare that he began to endure, at least in this world, will never end...God have mercy on this guy...We feel for this guy...and for all the children who are being tortured, killed, and maimed by Israel as we speak, all while the Western media calls these children "terrorists" and "fundamentalists." 

What was this boy's crime...? Being a Palestinian. Right now, as you read this, thousands of Palestinian children and teenagers are being severely tortured in Israeli prisons. 8 year old kids are being held in solitary confinement for weeks by an unforgiving, merciless Israeli army that seeks to wipe away their hopes and their dreams. This is not propaganda. These are facts. Thousands of Palestinian teenagers and youth in Israeli prisons right now are being denied of food, threatened, beaten, laughed at, and molested by Israeli soldiers all while a blind world looks on in apathy. ...And our message is sent...

We are not heroes...But merely hackers...While we understand that it is not feasible for us to successfully make a legitimate difference in oppressed and tortured lives in Palestine and other places in the world, we will continue to deface, not destroy, for the cause...until there is reform...until there is change....until when Palestinian, Chechen, Kashmiri, Iraqi, Albanian, African, Irish, and all suffering children in the world can wake up to a world of peace, not a world of death, destruction, and chaos, a world devoid of war.


World's Fantabulous Defacers








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