Silver Lords Ownz Your Box



r00ted by:f0ul and Lord Choo3s of Silver Lords

Hey Webmaster, Silver lords owns joor lame box in a mass hack
index is backed up and the exploit is patched

Silver Lords Owns NEW ZELAND

We're: Lord Choo3s - Macwiz - f0ul - ScorpionKTX - Mirinda #silverlords

shoutz to: The Itch, parag0n, Tasc, Data Cha0s, Insanity Zine Corp, Prime Suspectz, Cboyz,, Scurvy, Datagram, Hackweiser(psaux), Gforce Pakistan, Hooyah, philer, Rat, Melkor, Zodica, Override, WFD, and every1 that give greets to us  |